Useless Birthday Trivia and Birthday Cakes

images-33Today is my birthday. I’m not one of those people who do or expect a whole lot for my birthday.

Memorable birthdays of my past include my cousin blowing out all the candles on my cake at my 6th birthday party and the tears that ensued and another that was spent freezing outside while playing a French horn. I’ve had lots of others, but I don’t really remember them too well. There was probably cake and singing.

The last few birthdays have been the best – they involve my kids trying as hard as they can to be good for one whole day. My 5 year old is getting smarter though when I told him I just wanted him to listen for one whole day. He asked “Can’t I make you a card instead?”

To celebrate I made a couple of “Blogger Birthday Cakes”. I know, I’m pretty wild sometimes. A real party animal. But hey, it’s not like I get older everyday, right? (Well, okay, technically we do…but nevermind that…)

You can make your own bday cakes say whatever you want them to say by going to, Image Chef, or I could probably come up with lots more, but I don’t have all day and night to waste online

I also found out from this birthday calculator you can get more useless information than you’ve ever wanted about your birthday. Really. I now know that if I lit my age in candles on my cake this year, it could boil 3.09 ounces of water. Olivia Newton John’s Physical was the Top Billboard Hit the year I was born. Truly fascinating stuff.

Anyways, now you know when my birthday is and everything important relevant to my birthday, tell me about yours. Have any ideas for funny things to write on a birthday cake?


Could the beloved American snack cake, the Twinkie, be facing extinction? Considering the Twinkie supposedly cannot even biodegrade in a landfill, this is pretty shocking news. (Actually, that’s just a rumor, Twinkies only have a shelf life of 25 days.)

Apparently Interstate Bakeries Corp, the bakery who produces the Twinkie, is facing bankruptcy and the company needs to start liquidating – which allegedly means the Twinkies will be unfortunately no longer made.

Heartbroken by this thought? Don’t worry – there’s a petition to save America’s snack cake. That’s right, you can sign up to beg Congress to bail out the bakery right here.

It seems a little strange though, since the official website mentions nothing of getting rid of the Twinkie, and in fact all over their home page is nothing but Twinkie Goodness. The Twinkie just celebrated its 75th anniversary! But the bankruptcy is true according to this article on

What do you think? Is the Twinkie in trouble? Should our government just start handing money out to everybody?


One of my favorite movies is the Big Lebowski. It’s a movie about a guy (Respectfully named “The Dude” and played by Jeff Bridges) and his quest to get back his rug. Really though, his qualms about missing Area Rugs are the least of his problems. He’s got foreign people trying to kill him, his friends go causing all types of problems, there’s even a kidnapping involved. But, that rug really tied the room together and he wants it back!

Now, most people, if they had their rug stolen, would simply go online and start looking for Cheap Rugs and get a replacement rug. It’s relatively easy to find just about any kind of rug you’re looking for. In a way, you could say it is admirable how determined The Dude is to get back his rug.

It also goes to show that a good movie and story line can be based on just about any object. If a movie all about Rugs can be a blockbuster hit, it’s pretty safe to say you could write a great movie based on just about anything, like a couch, or a washing machine.

Have you seen the Big Lebowski? Did you think it was a good movie? Have you ever gone to any great lengths to get something back that was stolen from you? Do you agree that the right rug can really tie a room together?