Tips for choosing the right school

Here are some tips for choosing a school

Shop for information and attend schools. First thing’s first. You must determine what kind of school you want to choose for your baby. Remember, the one who will spend the most time there is the child, not you. So adjust to the interest of children and then assess preschool programs offered by the school.

Indeed not an easy choice, considering that nowadays we are ‘besieged’ by many types of schools. Ted Villaire, Associate Editor of KIds Magazine, simplifies that choice, “The programs offered to school children at an early age, tend to be divided into two groups: based on game or on academic program.”

Barbara Brenner, author of The Preschool Handbook: Making the Most of Your Child’s Education, argues that most school programs combine both elements. We recommend that, before deciding, you ‘shop’ first to the various sources of information (can be from relatives, friends, work, neighbors, and advertising in mass media) and see who can recommend a certain school.

Shorten the list of the targeted schools
So now you already have a list of schools that go nominee. After deciding what kind of preschool seems most appropriate for your child, consider the locations of the schools. You should take several factors into account when it comes to assessing candidates for your child’s school, such as its location close to home or close to your workplace.

When you work from morning till evening, consider also the distance to your parents’home, so they can take part in the tasks. Don’t forget to ask people around you about their children’s experience. Their opinions can be considered, but don’t forget that every child is created differently.

Observe the students in action
Arrange a meeting with the school to get more information. There are several schools that hold an open house so prospective students and parents can get optimally informed about the school. There you’ll see the creative works of students, school achievements, activities at the school, as well as information about the used teaching method. See how students interact with their fellow teachers as well.

Choosing a Play Group
Here are some tips you need to consider before choosing a kindergarten for your child:

Survey first!
Review the school thoroughly. check the overall condition of school buildings, classrooms, restrooms, cafeteria, children’s play facilities, etc.

Observe how the school staff responds to questions and find out the educational background of teachers in the schools. Check also the teacher-student ratio. If the number of students is too big, the teachers can give less attention to each child.

Check the facilities and means
Consider whether school-owned facilities are adequate. Is there something that may harm a baby, and is the facility well-maintained?

Forget about prestige
Do not choose a school just based upon its reputation. Be aware that your child shouldn’t sacrifice too much just for the school’s pursuit of prestige and reputation.

Find out concepts/methods
Preferably, the school’s teaching methods focus on how to learn, how to behave, how to think, and how to explore.