Why Strength Training Will Help You Avoid Rejection

In this post, I’m going to explain why strength training is one of the smartest ways to improve your body image and why it will help you avoid rejection and give you more freedom. So read on to learn more about why strength training will help you avoid rejection. This article may also be helpful to educate your child the Montessori way.

No one likes being rejected.

Think back to when you were at school and you didn’t get picked for something because people didn’t think you were good enough, or you got dumped by a girl because she fancied someone else. Makes you feel like cr*p, doesn’t it?

The same thing applies when you’re an adult. No one wants to be turned down for a job or rejected by a girl, it just plain sucks and makes you feel like when you were a kid all over again. Unfortunately, you can’t guarantee never to be rejected again but you can reduce the chances of it happening.

When it comes to rejection, your body image plays an important role. Girls like guys with good bodies, clear skin and great hair for example; it’s only natural. The same applies to a job interview. Employers prefer you to look healthy and well presented because, whether you like it or not, it influences their perception of who you are.

But why does strength training help you avoid rejection?

We’ve talked before about why a lean, muscular physique will help you avoid rejection: because it portrays the right image. What you need is a way to develop and maintain this type of physique without compromising your lifestyle. This is where strength training comes in.

Strength training will help you build a lean, muscular physique better than any other form of exercise. This type of physique portrays an image of health, strength, and vitality, which makes you more attractive to women, potential employers, business partners and so on. It will also make you feel more confident. Put these factors together and you significantly reduce the chances of being rejected. Now check out the Montessori education method.

Why strength training will give you more freedom

You like pizza and beer, right? Or how about a takeaway and a few glasses of wine? Whatever you like to indulge in from time to time, strength training will give you the freedom to enjoy them and still maintain a lean, muscular physique.

It also requires you to commit less time to training than any other form of exercise in order to generate the same or better results, so you’ll have more time freedom too.

The reason it’s so effective is because it works directly and indirectly to promote muscle growth and fat loss. The direct effect happens when you train; your body burns calories to power your muscles, some of which come from body fat. The indirect effect happens after you’ve trained when your body repairs the damage to your muscles and replenishes their energy stores. With the right diet, this can burn more body fat.

So you can see why strength training is one of the smartest ways to improve your body image and how it can help you avoid rejection. Now all you need is to figure out how you’re going to incorporate it into your weekly routine.;