How To Stop Receiving Junk Mail…

images-34Almost all of us have been inundated with too much junk mail. You open up your mailbox, thinking hopefully that you will get something cool like big checks with lots of money or maybe a friend will send you a birthday card…And what do you get to your dismay? Nothing but junk mail!

There are a few different types of junk mail. I classify them into these three categories most of the time:

1. Offers From Credit Card Companies: It never ceases to amaze me how many credit card offers I get. Sometimes I even get credit card offers from companies I already have credit cards with.

2.Cable Offers: Verizon and Comcast send me mail every single day. I have had both Comcast and now Verizon…again, like the credit card companies, I wonder do they even bother to check that they are not wasting tons of money and paper on their existing customers? (I have a lot of gripes about both companies- that could be a whole future post!)

3. Annoying newspaper/magazine type of ads: These aren’t newspapers or magazines, but they look like one. They’re basically just a giant book of advertisements. I have found these types of junk mail are good for starting campfires, but that’s about it.

There’s really no way I could find to stop junk mail on the US Post Office website, well,<ahref=”https:”” cgi=”” ddnc.php”=”” target=”_blank”>unless you’re dead… There’s plenty of places that offer to stop it…but it’s still no guarantee.

This person has such a great idea though:   Dear BulkMailer.

And while it probably won’t stop the junk mail, well, at least you can have some fun with it


I couldn’t resist…I had to post more stupid book titles.

  1. Making the Most of Your Llama

Don’t let your llama go to waste – put it to work!

  1. The History and Social Influence of the Potato

This one looks like a real page-turner!

  1. Flattened Fauna: A Field Guide to Common Animals of Roads, Streets, and Highways

Make sure you pack this one in your bag on your next road trip.

  1. Teach Yourself How to Think

No, this wasn’t written by the same guy who wrote How to Read a Book

  1. 25 Kites That Fly


A few months ago we ordered a few electronic components from a company called Since then we’ve been receiving this lovely 2500+ page catalog in the mail.

At first we thought it wasn’t very smart for them to mail us this 5 lb. catalog in the mail each month, especially since we only spent about $15 online and probably will not need to buy anything from them again anytime soon.

Now that we’ve come up with some new creative uses for the Mouser Catalog however, we’ve actually started to look forward to seeing them dumped in the ditch below our mailbox. (A 2500+ page catalog does not fit in a standard sized mailbox!)

For one, this catalog makes a wonderful fire starter. Crumple up a few pages and it ignites faster than newspaper, giving you a nice cozy fire to snuggle up in front of. These catalogs also make great stepping stools for reaching those hard to reach top shelf items in the kitchen. It makes a great baby toy, as babies will sit and rip out the pages and tear them to tiny shreds. This is far more entertaining to them than rattles or silly things that make annoying noises.

The catalogs are also great for making paper airplanes and other papercrafts. We thought about wallpapering our bathroom and kitchen with the pages as well. (With 2500 11×8 sheets of paper, we’d probably have enough to also do a border in our bedrooms as well!) The catalogs are also useful for propping up unlevel chairs and tables. We are thinking after we get a few more we might actually build a couch and coffee table from the catalogs.

Have any other creative ideas for us to use for our Mouser Catalog?