First Week of First Grade at a Montessori School

My son began first-grade last week at his Montessori school which was both exciting and tearful for me. Ours has been a difficult journey at times to find him the best environment that would strengthen him both academically as well as emotionally and socially. The Montessori method has done just that for us which is why I am glad I chose to move him out of traditional school last year and into a Montessori school. Well, I’ll tell you what my son’s first week of first grade at a Montessori School was like. Amazing!

The wonderful thing about starting last week was that he was so well-prepared, and the staff at the school did a wonderful job of transitioning the students into their new classroom. He had met his teacher before last year and said that he liked her. What a relief that was for me!

The first and second-grade students are together in one class. The first three days were spent with just the first graders attending. Since they are new to the classroom it is a great opportunity for them to get to know the teacher, the environment, and slowly become accustomed to the new surroundings.

The first week was a complete success! He was excited to go back after his first day. I am excited that he has moved up and embracing the new challenges that await him. I am also thankful he is in a Montessori environment that I know respects him as a person and child. I can’t wait to see how he develops over the course of the year at his school.

Today, many parents are looking for a school for their children where the main approach is to offer students a holistic education. Many schools offer that but the Montessori education system provides so many holistic learning elements. Holistic education helps students to be the best they could possibly be. Holistic education works towards a student’s personal development regarding emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and social aspects while developing their artistic, creative, and physical abilities so they can live up to their full potential.

Bob Books: Building Confidence in Reading

I had heard of Bob Books before my son’s Montessori teacher introduced them. However, I hadn’t used them with my son at all. He wasn’t enjoying trying to read in kindergarten mainly due to the fact that he was scared of messing up and getting the word wrong. He needed to build his confidence. When his teacher told me that she was using Bob Books, I decided to give them a try as well.

The first set of Bob Books I ordered for him was the Beginning Readers books.  He loved them! The sentences were short and to the point. He enjoyed the characters and pictures, and the whole book was short.  He was able to read them on his own which in turn built his confidence.

I told him that once he finished the first set of books that I would buy the next one. This was a wonderful incentive since he was excited to receive the next set of Bob Books. We next bought Sight Words for him.

Bob Books have been wonderful for giving my son the confidence to start reading. He is now reading more of the Bob Books as well as other books as well. It was a wonderful way to get him started reading without him becoming overwhelmed.

In Italy, Maria Montessori (1870-1952) was the first woman who carried a Ph.D. She was in charge of setting up a school for low-income children in an underprivileged housing district. Maris used her scientific anthropology background and started by simply observing the children. The educational methods developed by Maria Montessori are recognized as among the best elementary and preschool programs that are used all over the world.